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Let’s Make it 100% Recycle Every jug!  CLEAN FARMS  visit website Cleanfarms.ca

Triple or pressure rinse and return to municipal collection site.

Pesticide and Fertilizer Containers (23 L or less)

  1. RINSE – Triple or pressure rinse to ensure no product is wasted.
  2. REMOVE – Remove caps and booklets (when possible); dispose in regular garbage.
  3. RETURN HERE – Return empty, clean containers to your municipal collection site.

NO containers larger than 23 L (return to retailer)

NO obsolete pesticides (hold on farm for next collection event)

SEED TREATMENT CONTAINERS – Important instructions:

  1. RINSE – rinse, if possible
  2. PREPARE – If rinsing is not possible, close cap securely.  Keep unranked jugs separate from other containers.
  3. RETURN HERE – Return in rinsed seed treatment jugs to your local municipal site for collection.  Unranked seed treatment containers are non-recyclable and sent for proper disposal.

Growers are encouraged to use ag collection bags for their empty jugs.  Bags are available free of charge to make on-farm storage of containers easier (particularly in the event of delays) and facility transport.

Growers should call ahead to ensure that the site is available to accept containers when you are ready to bring them.