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Waskada Museum


9:30 am – 4:00 pm




Adults: $8.00
Students: $4.00
Pre-school: FREE
Family: $20.00
Season Pass: $10.00



The Waskada Museum consists of six separate buildings: Union (Royal) Bank (1906), Anglican Church (1914), Vehicle Display Building (1999), Blacksmith Shop (1927), new Display Building (2006), and the Menota country school (1896-1952).

The bank and church buildings contain pioneer household and farm artifacts, a clothing display, two Simplex “silent movie” projectors, military clothing and picture display, photograph collection, mounted whooping crane (1903), a hand-powered table saw, a ledger (1864) from a Great Lakes schooner “Thornton”, cameras, and various radios and phonographs. The vehicle display building contains vintage cars, trucks, and tractors; a 1913 Case steam engine; three former fire-fighting vehicles (horse-drawn wagon, two trucks); farm implements; WWII “Weasel” snow track machine.

The restored Amos Blacksmith Shop, operated from 1899 to 1960, contains blacksmithing tools as well as horse-drawn vehicles and other related artifacts. The new display building, a renovated Paterson elevator coal shed contains various displays: general store; sports history; medical articles; hand-loom, knitting and sewing machines; grain cleaning and testing items. The Menota School building opened in 2012 contains all our school-related items.

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-1872 Manitoba Free Press 1st edition

-“S” pattern quilt, circa 1811

-1902, 1910 Brenda-Municipality voters list

-Electric stove, c.1920s; Hoosier cabinet

 -1912 Manitoba license plate, porcelain-covered

-Hand-made violin, brought from Ontario in 1884

-Horse-drawn firewagon (restored) c.1900; 2 firetrucks

-Ox cart, Ox collars

-1861 Enfield rifle from WWI

-Article and photo of a former Menota School teacher who is still living today, 110 years old

-1934 hole-in-one certificate (Waskada Golf Club)

-John Deere bicycle

-Brass 60 yr commemorative plaque (Canada 1867-1927)

-1903 sidesaddle

-1885 Bible, containing 39 books of the Old Testament, 27 books of the New Testament and 14 books of the Apocrypha

-Canadian army uniform WWII, (complete)