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Check out the above website for find more about the Southwest Planning District and their Development Plan for our area.

Attention Residents of Brenda-Waskada:

The Southwest Planning District Board, comprised of Council members from the Town of Melita and the RMs of Two Borders, Brenda-Waskada and Deloraine-Winchester, has engaged the firms of SBC and Richard Wintrup to initiate a planning process to update your Development Plan.  This update is mandated by the Provincial Planning Act.  The development Plan is principally a policy document aimed at regulating land use and managing urban and rural development.  The input and feedback from residents is essential for helping the Planning Team to better understand your community, to hear directly any issues or concerns you may have that impact your quality-of-life, and to learn what your hopes and expectations for your community and the future of the Southwest Planning District as a whole.  Accordingly, you are invited to attend a Public Open House where background information on the Development Plan and the planning process will be presented and the consultants will be on hand to receive your input and respond to any questions you may have.

Open House Details

DATE: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

PLACE: Waskada Community Arena, 308 Park Street, Waskada

HOURS: 4:00 PM to 8:00PM

FORMAT: Come-and-go, view display boards and maps, fill out a questionnaire, speak with planning team members and representatives from the Province and the Southwest Planning District Board.  Q & A at 7:00PM, depending upon attendance.

RSVP: (appreciated, but not essential)

Email: kate@richardwintrup.com


Phone/text Ross at 1-204-470-4802




“The Southwest Planning District has officially launched their Development Plan review process. An updated development plan will guide the municipality’s growth and development for the next generation. It is a strategic document that will address the community’s physical, economic, and social development. The last development plan was approved in 2006, so this review is important in keeping up to date with the current state of each Municipality in the District. It provides an opportunity to think about long-term goals and what actions are needed to achieve these goals.”

Check out the website above for more information.