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Updated Office Information re Covid 19

Due to COVID 19 the Brenda-Waskada Municipal Office will now be operating a locked door policy to allow us to screen persons before permitting entrance. Please knock on the door if you do require assistance. We will now be asking if your visit is essential and if you...

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Water Outage

WATER OUTAGE for residents of Medora and Area (the same customers who were without water last weekend) NO WATER Wednesday, March 18th from 1-3 PM Thank-you for your continued...

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Did You Know?

Recycling Facts for the Municipality of Brenda-Waskada The population of our municipality is 674. In 2017 we reycled with MWM ( Manitoba Waste Management) a total of 20,683 kg which is 30.7 kg per capita. In 2018 we recycled with MWM a total of 19,120 Kg which is 28.4...

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